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Sustainability Grant Writing (For Singapore Enterprises)

The importance of sustainability is rapidly increasing across various industries and markets. This trend is fueled by global developments and emerging patterns, which present business opportunities for enterprises. Stakeholders, such as investors, regulators, and consumers, are pressuring companies to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, making sustainability a crucial aspect of any business model.

As a result, developing a capability for sustainability is essential for enterprises to gain a competitive edge, meet stakeholder needs, and create long-term value. The Enterprise Singapore (ESG) Sustainability Programme is a new initiative aimed at supporting local businesses in enhancing their sustainability capabilities and capturing new opportunities in the green economy.

Environiche specialises in helping businesses can gain access to resources, tools, and guidance that can help them develop sustainable business practices, reduce their environmental footprint, and improve their social impact. This initiative enables companies to adapt to the changing landscape of sustainability, positioning them for future success and growth. Contact us to kickstart your sustainability journey!

The Process

The first step is to understand the organisation goals, priorities, and challenges. This step helps us understand the client’s business operations and objectives, which is essential to develop a tailored decarbonisation plan. 

In this step, the consultancy team will evaluate the company’s current ESG practices, policies, and performance to identify areas where improvement is needed. This can involve reviewing existing ESG reports, policies, and data, conducting site visits or interviews with key stakeholders, and benchmarking the company’s ESG performance against industry peers and best practices.

Once the company’s current ESG practices and performance have been assessed, the consultancy team will work to identify the most significant ESG risks and opportunities for the company and its stakeholders. This can involve conducting a materiality assessment to determine which ESG issues are most relevant to the company’s business and stakeholders, and which have the potential to create the most significant impact.

Based on the results of the significance assessment, the consultancy team will work with the company to prioritize the most significant ESG risks and opportunities. This will involve identifying the ESG issues that have the greatest potential impact on the company’s business and stakeholders, and focusing resources on addressing these issues.

Once the client is aware of the full scope of services, an agreement will be signed and the grant writing process will begin. 

Scope of Services

Sustainability Strategies

We offer enterprises the opportunity to identify risks and opportunities related to sustainability and to develop a strategy to address them. By engaging in these projects, businesses can better understand the potential impact of sustainability on their operations and develop a proactive approach to manage risks and seize opportunities.

ESG Framework Adoption

Undertaking Sustainability Standards Adoption projects can help enterprises to enhance transparency and build trust in their sustainability performance, products, and services. This can lead to improved market access and recognition for their sustainability efforts.

Decarbonisation Projects

Sustainable product/service development projects enable enterprises to create technologically innovative and sustainable products, services, and solutions that can be commercialized. By engaging in these projects, businesses can leverage the latest technologies and sustainable practices to develop new products and services that meet the needs of consumers while reducing their environmental impact.

Ready to embark on your ESG Journey!

Enterprise Grant Available for Singapore Companies

The Enterprise Sustainability Programme (ESP) supports Singapore companies, especially our SMEs, to build capabilities and capture new opportunities. The funding level is up to 70% of total ESG consultancy and training fees. 

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