Terms and Conditions

  1. The personal information collected is for the use of course registration, account servicing of course-related activities, course survey and / or for application of course-related funding (only if applicable) to respective funding-related agencies / bodies / organisations (SSG, WSG, CPE, etc). Information will also be further used if you have accepted (opted in) to receive marketing and promotional materials from us and our affiliates or related entities. Trainee shall be bound by ENVIRONICHE LLP (hereinafter refers to as “EN”) Privacy Policy as shown at https://enviro-niche.com/terms-and-conditions/
  2. EN is committed on maintaining the confidentiality of the personal information and undertakes not to reveal applicant’s information to any 3rd parties outside of EN and its affiliates and related bodies (other than regulating authorities, funding-related agencies and / or authorised data intermediaries by EN) and programme partners (including respective exam agencies of the programmes) without prior consent of the applicant.
  3. Course Registration and Course Fee
    1. Trainee is to have the minimum literacy or / and numeracy level to follow-through and complete the course if there are no specific pre-requisites.
    2. Trainee is to select the correct and suitable language medium of the course (if any) during registration.
    3. Trainee that has any form of health issue, learning disability or any disability that will impact the normal facilitation of the course and engagement in the learning process MUST declare (in writing) and inform EN before signing this registration form.
    4. All registrations are subject to a non-refundable registration fee of $15.00. (Inclusive of GST).
    5. The registration form and payment must be submitted via the online platform, or to sales personnel or by post at least 2 weeks before course commencement.
    6. Payment can be made as follows:
      • Self-sponsored trainee: cash, NETS, credit card, PayNow, cheque or SkillFuture credit.
      • Company sponsored trainee: corporate credit card, corporate PayNow, Interbank GIRO, bank transfer or company cheque
    7. For cheque payment:
      • It shall be made payable to “ENVIRONICHE LLP”.
      • For company sponsored trainee, company can send or mail the cheque to ENVIRONICHE LLP, and attention to the Finance Department or the Name of the Salesperson in charge. Payment advice or invoice reference number is to be indicated.
    8. For credit card payment:
      • Company sponsored trainee is not allowed to use personal credit card to make payment for funded course (SSG, WSG, etc).
    9. Self-sponsored trainee can utilize SkillsFuture Credit to pay for selected courses (subjected to the availability of the credit in Trainee’s account).
  4. Course Schedule, Class Size and Mode of Delivery
    1. The course schedule is subject to changes, EN reserves the rights to cancel, or re-schedule the class without prior notice.
    2. EN reserves the rights to define class size, and the rights to replace trainers for pre-scheduled classes and ongoing classes.
    3. EN reserves the rights to convert face-to-face classes to virtual classes or vice-versa, based on the guidelines issued by the relevant authorities. Trainee will be given an option to opt out.
    4. EN reserves the rights to define the format of course material (hardcopy or electronic copy). Request for format change or request a copy of the alternate format is not allowed.
    5. Trainee is to arrange own laptop, desktop or other equipment, which meets the required hardware and software requirements, for the chosen course and its mode of delivery. EN will not be able to arrange or loan equipment to Trainee.
  5. Funded Courses
    1. For all government funded courses, Trainee must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident, aged 21 years and above to be eligible for the funding.
    2. For selected funded courses, Trainee will be permitted to pay upfront a portion of the course fee at the point of application.
    3. For Absentee Payroll, company will submit Absentee Payroll Declaration with the required information in the Enterprise Portal for Jobs and Skills (EPJS) upon receiving SSG email.
    4. For attendance falls below 75% (exclude assessment), trainee is required to retake the module. All retake modules must be completed within 60 calendar days from the initial course end date enrolled in. Make-up class request will be arranged upon payment of admin fee of $15.00 (inclusive of GST).
    5. For absent from the course or assessment, trainee is required to re-enrol the course within 60 calendar days from the initial course run end date enrolled in. Trainee is to pay for the stated / subsidised course fees and administrative charge.
    6. In the event Trainee fails to meet any of the requirements set under the funding scheme (as stated below or otherwise), resulting the funding claim application is rejected by the respective funding agency due to any reasons, Trainee is liable to pay the balance of the course fee (the potential funding amount) to EN or to the relevant funding agency:
      • General Funding
        • Granted funding for the same course before with EN or with other training provider.
        • Fails to achieve minimum attendance requirement.
        • Fails to sit for the required exam / assessment. (Where applicable)
        • Fails the required exam / assessment. (Where applicable)
      • SSG Funding
        • Granted funding for the same course before with EN or with other training provider.
        • Fails to achieve 75% attendance.
        • Fails to sit for the required exam / assessment. (Where applicable)
        • Fails the required exam / assessment. (Where applicable)
      • IBF Funding
        • Trainee is not working in finance sector (Selected courses). 
        • Not residing in Singapore during the duration of the course.
        • Fails to achieve 100% attendance.
        • Fails to sit for the required exam.
        • Fails to achieve 70% to 75% passing rate (Based on the course requirement). 
  6. Absent and Request of Deferment / Transfer / Replacement / Withdrawal of Course
    1. For Trainee who is absent with valid reasons (eg. MC, hospitalisation), make-up class may be provided. Provision of make-up class is at EN’s discretion and is subjected to the availability of resources.
    2. For deferment / transfer / withdrawal of courses, a written notice must be submitted and received by EN 2 weeks before course commencement.
    3. For replacement of booked seat in corporate courses, a written notice, together with the full particulars of the new participant, must be submitted and received by EN 2 weeks before the course commences.
    4. All requests will be subjected for approval. An administrative fee (inclusive of GST) will be imposed for approved refunds / withdrawals or transfers based on case-by-case basis:
      • $15.00 for all courses
      • $55.00 for Diploma course and / or higher 
  7. Virtual Live Class (VLC)
    1. Trainee is to ensure laptop / desktop or equipment is equipped with webcam and meet the required specifications.
    2. Trainee is required to turn on the webcam to show real-time video and ensure that the entire face is fully visible throughout the entire course.
    3. Trainee using a profile picture or pre-recorded video is not allowed.
  8. Workplace Safety & Health Course
    1. Trainee is required to bring a copy of the payment receipt and NRIC when attending the course.
    2. Work permit and employment pass holder are to bring along a photocopy of passport and work permit or employment pass.
    3. Trainee who passed the assessment is to collect the certificate / safety pass within 6 months after notifying for collection. For certificate / safety pass not collected, it will be destroyed without prior notice.
  9. Course Evaluation and Survey
    1. EN Course evaluation will be conducted on the last day of the course.
    2. SSG Training Quality and Outcomes Measurement survey (TRAQOM) will be conducted upon completion of the SSG course. Trainee is required to provide personal email address and phone number for the survey. On the last day of the course, an email invitation will be sent with the hyperlink to access the Quality Survey. At least 6 months after the course end date, an email invitation will be sent with the hyperlink to access the Outcomes Survey.
    3. For selected courses, the first survey will be conducted 3 months after course completion. Next survey will be conducted 6 months after course completion.
  10. Exam and Assessment
    1. Trainee is to be punctual on the day of exam / assessment.
    2. Late comer will be barred from taking the exam / assessment.
    3. Trainee, who is found cheating, will be barred from the exam / assessment. EN reserves the rights to take necessary actions.
    4. If Trainee fails the exam / assessment and wish to appeal, trainee may submit the appeal form and make necessary payment before the submission deadline.
  11. External Certification Exam
    1. Course fee is not inclusive of external certification exam fee, unless otherwise it is stated in the course information.
    2. Selected courses come bundled with complimentary certification exam voucher. To be eligible for the complimentary exam voucher, Trainee must achieve minimum attendance requirement and pass the in-class assessment as stated in the course requirement.
    3. If Trainee fails the certification exam in the first attempt, the cost of subsequent exam attempts is borne by Trainee.
    4. If Trainee requests to reschedule external certification exam date, an administrative fee will be charged for each change request.
    5. EN will not provide extension to expired exam voucher or replace expired voucher with new voucher.
    6. If the certification provider discontinues the certification exam, EN will not replace the discontinued exam with an alternative exam voucher.
  12. EN Certificate of Completion (COC) and WSQ Electronic Certificate (e-Cert)
    1. Based on specific courses, Trainee will receive EN COC and / or WSQ e-Cert upon meeting minimum attendance requirement and / or pass the required exam / assessment.
    2. Based on specific courses, trainees can access / download SSG full qualifications & transcripts after assessment results are uploaded successfully.
    3. Trainee can go to MySkillsFuture online portal to download WSQ e-Certs.
    4. e-Cert will be ready 1 working day after trainees’ assessment results are successfully uploaded on TPGateway.
    5. Trainee’s employer can verify the authenticity of the certificates at MySkillsFuture online portal. http://www.myskillsfuture.gov.sg
  13. Indemnity and Limitation of Liability
    1. For Skills ethical hacking and cybersecurity related courses, Trainee understand that live demonstrations on threats to cybersecurity may be conducted during the course. No skills and know-how pertaining to these demonstrations (“Technical Skills”) will be intentionally taught to trainee. By registering for such courses, Trainee undertakes not to use, in any circumstance (unless otherwise permitted by law) any Technical Skills which may be indirectly taught during the demonstrations conducted.
    2. Trainee further undertakes to fully indemnify and keep, and to release, waive and discharge, EN and its directors, officers, agents, representatives, employees, third-party partners and any other third-party vendors/trainers hired by it (“Releasees”), harmless, from and against any causes of action, claims, liabilities, costs and expenses which may be made or brought against the Releasees or Trainee, or which either of them may suffer or incur, as a result of the trainee’s unauthorized use of the Technical Skills; and further covenants not to bring a claim against the Releasees for all liability and causes of action arising out of any loss, or damages, as a result of such unauthorized use.
    3. This provision shall ensure for a period of 6 years from the conclusion of the course.

Updated on Jan 2023