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How effective is UV disinfection against the COVID-19 virus?

EC educators are in a tough spot now. With the stepped-up requirements in cleaning and disinfection for schools, they need to spend more time cleaning the school before, during, and after every school session. This intensified disinfection regime also comes at a time where manpower is scarce. As a precaution against Covid-19, no staff and […]

The mysterious “magic” powder for infectious waste disinfection!

During a recent infectious disease workshop, one of my participants brought up the topic of a mysterious “magic” powder that helps to clean up vomitus. I thought it would be a good opportunity to share a bit more on how to create your own “magic” powder to conduct disinfection in your school! Note: The exact […]

How do you properly disinfect surfaces in the EC classroom?

In any EC classrooms, pathogens spread quickly in the environment. and Pathogens land on all surfaces, including the floor, cabinets, toys, doorknobs, amongst others. As children play in close proximity, the risk of getting sick through direct contact and indirect contact with inanimate surfaces is very high! Routine cleaning and disinfection can help reduce the […]